Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Intec employs a standard set of Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for all Suppliers. Additional and specific requirements are documented and communicated, as necessary, through the purchase order.


Supplier Quality Requirements Manual

The Supplier Quality Requirements Manual (SQRM) is the Supplier’s guide to understanding Intec’s quality requirements and expectations. The SQRM forms a part of Intec’s purchase order, unless otherwise specified. It contains Intec’s specific standard quality requirements and the additional Quality Notes (QN) identified on Intec purchase orders.


First Article Inspection

Suppliers are required to submit First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) as flowed by the Intec Purchase Order.  First Article Inspection Reports submitted to Intec shall comply with AS9102 First Article Inspection Requirement.

AS9102 forms, guidance, and training are available through the IAQG website: http://www.sae.org/iaqg. Additional Intec training on AS9102 interpretation and application is available upon request. Copies of the AS9102 standard are available through the SAE website: http://www.sae.org.

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Our goal is to earn your trust – not only in the validity of the data we provide, but also that we will act with your interests in mind.  We view ourselves not as an external supplier, but as an extended member of your team.  That is the standard of service that you can expect from us.